Kemp Battle is a catalytic change agent who works successfully with organizations and teams of all size and scope. Battle knows that good strategy is never enough. His passion is to help integrate the right team around a compelling strategy so that both team and strategy flourish. The development and launch of successful initiatives requires rigorous, open and innovative communication. Teams – from the board room to the mail room - succeed when they are freed to focus on the work’s essential calling. What is the work’s calling? It is the internalized understanding of what is at stake; the recognition that what we do and when we are called to do it must be vitally connected. It is this alignment of the right team with a generative strategy that opens and frees opportunities to emerge. Unexpected and amazing synergies can and do happen  when people wake to a shared focus. 

While Battle engages with teams and strategies, he also collaborates around outcomes that sustain organizational capacity and promote profitable growth. It is easy to find a change agent who does one or the other of these; Battle understands the connectivity of both. For Battle, acquisitions, joint ventures or internal start-ups when conceived and skillfully negotiated , become strategic expressions of a for profit’s vision. He also knows how business discipline can extend a not – for – profit’s reach beyond expectations.

As fluent as Battle is in teams and communication skills he is also equally fluent in strategic planning, brand management, structuring innovative public-private partnership in both for profit and not for profit organizations. He has served, for over two decades, as a Managing Director of Tucker Capital Corp, an investment banking firm in Princeton, NJ., and continues to advise them on select matters. He also works with Leaders Quest as an Associate specializing in quests to India and South Africa.

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