Battle’s typical client is an organization
where basic business/ strategic
fundamentals are strong, but focused
execution has become difficult.
Examples include:

• Mature companies in strategic
transition who have lost traction with
their traditional operating tools and
metrics; trapped by business
certainties that need serious reconsideration, strategies have become self-limiting;

• Younger companies in transition from an entrepreneurial to an institutional operational culture;

• Companies, following a significant setback in product, distribution and/or management, struggling to devise a new strategic position;

• Companies evaluating strategic options to maximize shareholder value, which might include growth strategies, recapitalizations or the sale of the business. 

The formulation and assessment of strategic direction must take place at the highest level of a company (senior management and board of directors) but even more important is the communication, understanding and execution of that strategy down through the management ranks to the front line.

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